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Why Tarmac Is Popular For Your Driveway

There are many reasons tarmac is so popular for your driveway in 2022, it’s the most popular choice by a long way as it’s more affordable than resin and more sustainable that block paving. Tarmac or asphalt as it’s also known can last over 20 years and if laid well can last even longer. If you are thinking of a tarmac driveway company that has years of experience and 100’s of quality tarmac installations behind them, then you can do no better than Direct Drives & Patios.

Tarmac For Driveways

Its a bituminous material that is laid as hot liquid. You have probably seen the road contractors on the motorway laying tarmac, it’s laid like liquid then levelled and compacted around the shape of your drive and is then cooled to bind together to make hard. Once the tarmac is has solidified, this is when you can begin to enjoy your new driveway.

Why Choose Tarmac For Your Driveway?

Its a clean and simple looking choice for your driveway and for the first few years will retain the dark colour.

Easy to install: Unlike paved or concrete driveways, tarmac usually can be laid directly onto any existing surface, whereas the other materials require a full depth bedding layer before work can even begin, although if you have a lawn, this will need to be removed beforehand.

Very quick to lay: A professional driveway installer will mix the tarmac at a high temperature in a proper paving machine and usually get the job done in a matter of hours – which means less disruption for you and any other road or path users who might be affected.

Long-lasting and incredibly strong and durable: Tarmac is particularly resilient to the weight of heavy vehicles or traffic flow that can otherwise crack or cause breaks in paving and concrete.

Impermeable: Taρmac is resistant against any significant water damage that can cause a front lawn to flood – involving a long clean-up job afterward.

Cheap and easy to maintain: Any scratches or dents can be quickly repaired by you or a professional with the correct polish, and even if your driveway suffers extensively, you can add a new tarmac layer directly onto the old one – saving you the worry of excavation costs!

Easy to edge with other materials:  Clay tiles, stone, or brickwork, for a neat and attractive finish to your driveway.

Weather-resistant: Come rain or shine; your tarmac driveway will stay looking as good as new for many years to come!

finished red tarmac driveway

When choosing a tarmac driveway, it’s always good to make sure you choose a reputable and long standing tarmac driveway installation company with lots of years experience. Here at Central Driveways tarmac is our bread and butter.

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